Md. Shahriar Rahman



Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Islamic University of Technology (IUT)

(A subsidiary organ of the Islamic Conference)


I graduated with Bachelor of Science in electrical and electronic engineering in the year 2005. I joined at IUT at December 13, 2005. I want to relate myself in advanced research of telecommunication to upgrade today's technology into tomorrow's marvel. My preparations are aimed for jobs with teaching and research-oriented opportunities. Simultaneously, I would like to upgrade myself through constant learning endeavors, which would also benefit my profession.



Research Interests

        Coding and Data communications.

        Digital Signal Processing.

        Signal Inference.

Theses and Publications

B.Sc.(Engg.) Thesis 

Rahman, M. Shahriar, "Joint Data Encryption and Channel Coding for Efficient Transmission.". Undergraduate thesis. Supervised by Assttt. Professor Md. Enam-Ur-Rahman Khan and co-supervised by S. M. Maidul Hassan of  Dept. of EEE, Islamic University of Technology, Academic Year 2004-2005.

B.Sc.(Engg.) Mini Projects 

  Design and Implemented 8086 and PC based stepper motor control for robotic arms with interrupt service.

  Designed and Simulated Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) with personal computer interface.

Conference Papers 

Rahman, M. Shahriar; Hasan, Tarik; Islam, M. Ariful; Fadlullah, M. Jarir; Hasan, S. M. Maidul "A Novel Approach to Combine Data Encryption and Channel Coding for Secure and Reliable communication.", ICCIT-2005, Dhaka/Bangladesh, pp.746-751.

Islam, AHMR; Shafik, R.A.; Rahman, M. Shahriar; Song, J.B, "On The Nonlinear Distortion Effect in an OFDM-RoF Link" ICET - 2006, IEEE, Peshawar/Pakistan, 2006, pp.20-26.

Shafik, R.A; Rahman, M. Shahriar; Islam, AHMR; Ashraf, N.S, "On The Error Vector Magnitude As A Performance Metric and Comparative Analysis", ICET - 2006, IEEE, Peshawar/Pakistan, 2006, pp.27-31.

Shafik, R.A; Rahman, M. Shahriar; Adnan, N.A; Islam, M. sajedul, "On The Lempel-Ziv-Welch Coded Speech Transmission and Markov Chain Detection", ICET-2006, IEEE, Peshawar/Pakistan, pp.183-187.          

Shafik, R.A; Rahman, M. Shahriar; Islam, AHMR, "On the Extended Relationships Among EVM, BER and SNR as Performance Metrics." ICECE - 2006, Dhaka/Bangladesh, pp- 408-411. 

Currently Conducting Courses

1.      Digital Electronics (EEE-4307).

2.      Systems and Signals Lab (EEE-4302).

3.      Random Signal and Processes Lab (EEE-4554).

4.   Computer Programming (EEE-4205)

5.   Radio Frequency Engineering (EEE-4613)


Co-Supervising Projects

1.      Design of OFDM Systems using DSP approach (Using FFT).

2.      Wireless Channel Modeling and Analysis: A Monte Carlo Approach.

3.      Design of a software Define Radio system using interleaved and coded 16-QAM communication.

4.      Design of OFDM System using DSP approach (using different generics of FFT).

5.      Design of multi-user Alamouti's space-time coded MIMO CDMA systems.



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